Our continuous commitment to our clients as well as our reputation as the trusted leader in manpower outsourcing in the Philippines means that our solutions are implemented with strict adherence to world-class quality processes and standards, enabling our customers to experience what quality of BEST SERVICE is to offer worldwide.

BS takes great measures to ensure that we exceed your expectations.

The combination of our people, experience and technical capabilities will deliver benefits for your business.
Here are the lists of what we can do for you:

    Human resource services that implements your business model as well as your business needs.
    Design and management of your recruitment ensuring they are not just fast, but also agile and adaptable.
    Consolidate and manage services provided by external sources.
    Improving the visibility and analysis of your workforce hiring only the BEST.
    Taking responsibility for your non-core activities, giving the client more time to focus on their core agenda.

We aim to provide a hassle free employment solution to our clients with the help of our recruitment specialists. We make sure that our pool of candidates; professionals, skilled and semi-low skilled are qualified for the position and are screened well in order to fit the employer's specifications.
Among our services are as follows:

    Evaluate the candidate's credentials such as Passport, NBI, PRC I.D. & Etc. whether if it is valid and or up-to-date.
    We conduct interviews as part of our pre-assessment examinations

In cases such as that our client is busy or will not be able to travel on-site, here in the Philippines for interview,
we can assist and do the interview on behalf of him, and we assure that we will select only the best candidate
qualified for the position. We also conduct online interview depends on employer/s request.

    Prepare the candidate's pre-assessed evaluation report upon the employer's interview.
    Endorse the qualified candidate to authorized medical institution for medical examination and evaluation.
    Conduct follow-up and monitoring of submitted documents for processing including Visa processing.
    PDOS assistance for successful applicant.
    Facilitate pre-departure seminar.
     We provide temporary shelter while waiting for departure
    Coordinate with the airline company with regards to pre-departure.
    Conduct Final Briefing for Candidate's departure.
    Monitor Applicants while overseas