Because YOU are Number #1 to us! We know how to achieve your demands and satisfy you.
BS International Services & Placement Agency Inc., operates in accordance with the highest
standard services. We are within your reach.

    We provide immediate AVAILABLE MANPOWER by using automated system. We filter out candidates from our
     data banks to fit needed job requirements according to qualification; experience and job description requested
     by the foreign principals.

    Regular MANPOWER POOLING as well as to mobilize for current requirement requests, we resort to Flyers &
     Advertisements, Websites of our subscribed Internet Service Providers (ISP), Special Recruitment Authority
     (SRA) and Job Fair as part of our provincial mobilization.

    Our RECRUITMENT TEAM immediately response to satisfy your needs. By combining of our team experiences,
     skills, knowledge & capabilities will surely deliver great benefits for your business. We are team working
     together to achieve mutual goals.

    Part of our policy is the establishment of GOOD COMMUNICATION with our clients as part of promoting sound
     business relationship with them, whereas we always keep them well informed and always updated. We never
     give them the chance to ask for before they ask, we already provided them the necessary information they
     need; these includes the progress for deployment and other reports with regards on the matter.

    FAST DEPLOYMENT by assessing and selecting the best candidates to get on their feet, we always follow up
     candidate’s status and we try to give them the best support that we can give in order to get operations running
     quickly and successfully. We guarantee that they are deployed always on-time all the time.